We have published our resources to support your child's choices for their Key Stage 4 pathway, which begins in September when they start Year.10. Usually these choices are supported by an in-person evening in November. This year we are providing a range of events and material to support you remotely. This includes an introduction video, presentation & booklet (which can be found on the KS4 Pathways page of this website), a student session on enrichment day on 10th February and after half term there will be further live events with course teachers and Heads of House. Full subject information is also available in via our Curriculum Subjects page.

Our usual Academic Review Day which takes place next Tuesday (2nd February) will focus on engagement and wellbeing, and will only have limited time to discuss possible pathway choices. If there are questions at this stage that are not answered by our presentation or supporting resources, please either wait until further events or email your child's Head of House.

Abbas - Mrs Wells - kwells@tgschool.net
Chamberlain - Ms Alston - aalston@tgschool.net
Houghton - Mr Gibson - mgibson@tgschool.net
Peyton - Mr Ponsford - wponsford@tgschool.net
Tollemache - Mrs Raleigh - fraleigh@tgschool.net

The process will conclude by Wednesday 17th March (St Patrick's Day) with the submission of preferences via an online form which will be available from the week before half term. We wish you all the best for this important process and assure you of our full commitment to ensuring the best advice and guidance to you and your child.