We are pleased to introduce you to our 2023 Key Stage 4 Options process.

This will help guide your child in further personalising their curriculum by making well balanced and ambitious choices from our broad range of courses.

All the documents to support students are available on our website, at www.tgschool.net/ks4-options

On this page you will find links to:

  • an options booklet, with information on each of the 27 option courses available;
  • a guidance sheet, with careers information; an activity sheet where students can make notes;
  • a draft options form (the final forms are completed on the 9 Jan Academic Review Day with tutors);
  • links to our subject pages, which are updated with the latest course information, www.tgschool.net/subjects;
  • a link to our curriculum policy which guides our process;
  • links to Suffolk employment information.

We understand what an important, and sometimes difficult, decision this can be for students so to further support families and students we will be having:

  • an assembly with year 9 students, on Friday 25 November, to introduce them to the process;
  • an evening event for students and families on Wednesday 30 November, in the main building, from 5pm to 8pm.

The Wednesday evening will have 3 short talks in the Assembly Hall, at 5:15, 6:00 and 6:45 pm.

This will be to explain the process and provide useful information to help guide students' decisions. Students and families are all encouraged to attend. Students may choose whether or not to wear school uniform. Each subject will have staff and students available to speak to. As well as the 27 option courses there will also be teachers from science available to answer questions about our individual science and combined science courses.

Heads of Houses will also be available to provide personal guidance.

We will share copies of our presentation following the events, along with answers to any common questions that have been raised.

We expect that these events will answer many questions, and that the linked documents will explain clearly how students 4 option courses will include a humanities subject (Geography, History or Religion, Philosophy & Ethics) for every child, and for the majority of students a modern foreign language (French, German or Spanish) or Latin.

On Friday, we will also share with students information that shows whether or not we are confident, at this stage, that they are on course to achieve at least a grade 5 at GCSE in English. This is approximately 60% of students, and is a grade broadly equivalent to a B in the previous GCSE system. These students will study a language or Latin at GCSE. This should be the language they have studied in year 9. This information is based on GL nationally standardised tests which students complete at the start and end of year 7, and at the end of year 8, and is confirmed by teachers. For this cohort of students we have also taken note of estimated Key Stage 2 scores, but relied more heavily on recent assessments.

Following the evening, if you have any questions relating to an individual child's option choices please contact your child's tutor and Head of House, whose contact details are available at www.tgschool.net/ks4-options