Dear Families,

As we end this half term I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your on-going support.

Every decision we make has the students at the heart of it and this is why we made the decision to remain open today when we knew that we had enough staff able and willing to attend. We were very conscious that some students had exams today that they had worked hard for and also the final night of our show and we wanted all students to have the opportunity to take their exam or perform. We were also aware that, as during lockdown, many of our parents are keyworkers and we wanted to enable them to attend work. We respect, and expected, some parents to make the decision not to send their child to school or to be unable to and have authorised all absence today.

It has been a challenging half term, with covid, once again, dominating many aspects of school life. However, I am extremely proud of the resilience and positivity shown by the vast majority of our students and their determination to achieve their very best.

It has also been a delight to see so many students getting involved in our extra-curricular opportunities, examples of which you will have seen in our recent Portrait, and in our school production of Oliver.

As we are slowly getting back to ‘normality’ we are looking forward to re-introducing more trips and visits and opportunities for students to experience.

I would also like to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of all our staff who have been outstanding.

When we return after half term, we will strongly encourage students to continue sanitising their hands throughout the day, have rooms well ventilated and have additional spaces open at lunch and break. We will be allowing face masks to be optional in all parts of school including lessons and social areas.

In addition, Hertfordshire and East Anglia NHS Service will be returning to our school to again offer Covid-19 immunisations (directed by Public Health England).

The date for this is Wednesday 9th March 2022

Attached to this correspondence is a letter from the SAIS.  Please follow the instructions via the link to complete the consent form using the unique school code.  The school will be supporting the SAIS process on the 9th through use of facilities and organising those students with consent to attend their designated appointment times only.

Please use the email address of should you have any questions or if you need to discuss this further.  To reiterate, the school is supporting the facilitation of the vaccinations and are not leading on the implementation of these.

Could we also remind Year 11 students who are currently on the tutoring programme (every Thursday) that these sessions are still scheduled to take place over half term and students should log on and complete this as usual (to the 4.30pm or 5.30pm sessions).

If you would like your child to be considered for some additional tutoring to support their learning in years 10 or 11, then please read the attached flyer and subsequent information below and complete the quick form.

The tutoring sessions are flexible, personalised to students needs and delivered online outside of the usual school day.

If you would like to make use of this tutoring service then please complete the quick form here:

More information about My Tutor can be found at

For students approaching external exams the exam dates are now available online and entries will be confirmed with students after half term. You can see exam dates at

Information to support Year 10s, 11s and 13s in preparing for their exams is available at  and dates of these internal exams are available at

A reminder that our other key dates, for events such as Academic Review Day, Graduation and Sixth Form Induction Days are available online at

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing half term.

Kind Regards,

Helen Yapp