From Monday October 31st families will have an option as to how students can purchase food. We will still accept money at our tills, but families will also be able to use our cashless facility for payment using the same system we have for trips and visits. 

To do this, ignore the icon “lunch money “and instead click on the "Payments Available" icon. You will then see 2 options - Cashless Catering £5 top up which can be paid repeatedly and the Cashless Catering Custom Amount - where if you click "add" it will bring up a box where you can enter any amount you wish.  

If you use a bank transfer rather than debit or credit card this can take up to 7 days to be taken from your account. If there are insufficient funds in your account at this time, then the payment will fail. You will receive a notification of this via email from School Gateway.  

Please see the screen shots below to help: 

To pay for their food - students enter their printer pin number onto the keypad - the staff can then see their photo and account balance.