The Library is hosting the class rounds of Book Mastermind this Half Term.  We have almost 300 students taking part across years 7, 8 and 9. The students have been answering questions on their chosen book in timed conditions to be the one of the top scorers. It has been a fantastic competition so far with the students answering questions on a variety of different books including Harry Potter, Of Mice and Men and Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. The School final of Book Mastermind will take place on Wednesday 10th  January for the top 10 scorers in the class rounds to compete for the title of TGS Book Mastermind Champion. The students will be choosing a different book in this round and will be also answering some general knowledge questions. The TGS Book Mastermind Champion will then compete against other schools in Suffolk.

Book Mastermind is a competition open to all pupils in Years 7-9 and is a vehicle for promoting reading across Suffolk. It is organised by Suffolk Libraries, Literacy, Books and Reading Team for Schools (previously called Schools Library Service). The competition starts in schools with winners from each school competing in area finals. The county final includes workshops by leading authors for young people. The winning school keeps the trophy for a year and receives £200 worth of books.

Mrs H Welch