Attendance Moments Matter - Attendance Counts! 

Positive attendance is still essential for all students, not just those who have entered into the exam season in year 11 or 13.  Please continue to ensure your children arrive punctually to school and attend at all available opportunities.  This does increase support for wellbeing, safety as well as improving academic and social development outcomes.  As always please let us know if there is any support you need to improve your child’s attendance in school. This online video from Dr Radha Modgil,  promotes the importance of reaching out to school for support if needed.

Our website holds helpful information as a reminder to support positive attendance  and link for the NHS ’is my child too ill for school’ guidance /  the Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty’s letter on mild illness and school attendance to schools that says a prolonged period of absence is likely to heighten a child’s anxiety about attending school in the future can be accessed through clicking the bold italics.