I am raising money for Addenbrookes neonatal intensive care unit because I was born 24 weeks premature.  I want to show my appreciation, compassion and to say a massive thank you to all the doctors and nurses that saved my life to celebrate my 18th birthday as it’s a milestone that I may have not been able to reach without them.

I was invited to visit Addenbrookes on Friday.  I went with my friend Maria; we were met by the representative fundraising lady and visited the Rosie ward which is an a neonatal ward for premature babies and very ill babies that are born at full term.  We were accompanied by 3 nurses, one of which cared for me when I was in the ward 17 years ago which was such a lovely surprise but also overwhelming. It was a very emotional visit. It was such a surreal experience to go to somewhere where I had stayed for the most part of my early life.  

We were taken to a room with an incubator it was so interesting and informative to know what they do to keep the baby stress free and calm. We were privileged to have the opportunity to be able to see a 30 week premature baby who was so small and to know that I was smaller than the baby when I was born. During my visit I was shown on a journey of what I would of gone on until finally I went home.

Once the day had nearly finished we went back to fundraising hub where people come in to donate and raise money.  We spoke about how we can raise money for Addenbrookes I had an idea already previous to this visit that I would do a cake sale.

A number of babywear companies have donated items to me, I was able to give them the baby clothing.  I have also raised £303.00 so far.

Your support would be greatly appreciated by me and of Addenbrookes NICU

Regarding Addenbrookes charitable trust its a charity that believes that every patient deserves the best possible care. There  aim is to support cutting edge technology,additional specialist services, vital research and extra comforts for patients over and above the NHS funding. And they also support patients within the rosie ward  which facilitates very ill and premature babies within the neonatal unit and NICU

If you would like to donate, please click here