Course leader: Mr Reynolds, 

Course Title: NCFE Level 1/2 Technical Award in Music Technology


  • Written Exam - 1hr 30mins (40%)

  • Synoptic project -Coursework - 17hrs (60%)

Students will be asked to produce a composition using a Digital Audio Workstation that follows a brief set by NCFE at the start of their second year.

Both areas of Examination are designed to test the knowledge and understanding of the following content areas.

Content area 1: Introduction to music technology and the music business 

Content area 2: The digital audio workstation (DAW)

Content area 3: Musical elements, musical style and music technology 

Content area 4: Sound creation

Content area 5: Multitrack recording

Additional support being provided by school

Pupils have priority-use of the Music Department resources (iMacs, recording equipment & practise rooms) They can use these during lunch and after school. Members of staff will be on hand to support students.   Intervention held on Thursdays afterschool.

How parents and carers can best support their child

  • Encourage pupils to read around the subject of Music Technology and watch inspiring videos on YouTube.

  • If possible, install a Digital Audio Workstation on a home computer, however this is not required as we have equipment in school.

  • Ensure students are regularly recapping and revisiting work from previous ‘content areas’ so their learning is kept fresh and up to date.



  • YouTube has thousands of excellent tutorials that will help firm up understanding of content covered in lessons.

  • Focus on Sound -

  • ICT in Music - Online or downloadable free software

  • Band Lab -

Decide Commit Succeed


Revision Activity 

Skill Developed

Exam/Topic Link

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Content Area 1 - 

Exam Preparation



Content Area 2

Exam Preparation



Content Area 3

Exam Preparation



Content Area 4

Exam Preparation



Content Area 5

Exam Preparation