Course leader: Mr Reynolds,
Examination Board: WJEC Eduqas


Listening & Appraising (40%)

  • Area of Study 1: Melodic Forms and Devices, The Development of Music - Western Classical Tradition, Musical Form and Structure, Musical Devices, Structure and Tonality, Set Work: Bach - Badinerie from Orchestral Suite No.2 in B minor

  • Area of Study 2: Music for Ensemble, Sonority, Timbre and Texture, Chamber Music - Baroque era , Classical era and Romantic era, Musical Theatre, Jazz and Blues

  • Area of Study 3: Film Music, The Film Industry, Musical Elements of Film - Tempo, Dynamics, Harmony, Sonority, Musical Devices in Film - Leitmotif, Minimalism, Layering, Ostinato

  • Area of Study 4: Popular Music, Rock and Pop, Musical Elements of Rock and Pop - Instrumentation, Voices, Riffs, Fusion, Set Work: Toto - Africa


Solo Performance (15%) - Any Voice or Instrument
Ensemble Performance (15%) - Must play and accompanying role
Eduqas Set Brief Composition (15%)
Free Brief Composition (15%)

Additional support being provided by school

Pupils have priority-use of the Music Department resources (iMacs, recording equipment & practise rooms) They can use these during lunch and after school. Members of staff will be on hand to support students.   Intervention held on Fridays afterschool.

How parents and carers can best support their child

  • Encourage pupils to refine their compositions after school and during lunches.

  • Listen to a wide range of music and identify elements of music being used.  Use the Acronym ‘MAD T SHIRTS’ to support this.

  • Revise in detail for both set works along with key terminology.  These can be found in the revision guide and the textbook.  They can develop their understanding of these words using ‘Focus On Sound’ found at

  • Ensure that students are practising for their Solo and Ensemble performances in preparation for the deadline outlined above.


Illuminate Publishing Eduqas GCSE Music Textbook, Jan Richards (Revised edition)
Illuminate Publishing Eduqas GCSE Music Revision Guide ISBN (978-1-912820788)
Focus on Sound -
ICT in Music - Online or downloadable free software
Band Lab -
MuseScore -

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Revision Activity 

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Background notes: Toto - Africa

Listening/ Analysis

AoS 4 (Popular Music) Set Work

Background notes - Toto Africa 


Background notes: Bach - Badinerie from Suite No 2

Listening/ Analysis

AoS 1 (Musical Forms and Devices) Set Work

Background notes – Bach Badinerie 


Listening exam guide and walk-through

Exam technique

Listening Examination (all Areas of Study) 


GCSE Music Knowledge Organisers

Listening/ Analysis

All Areas of Study and both set works

GCSE Music knowledge organisers 


Elements of Music Revision

Musical Terms Quiz

Exam Practice Questions

Listening/ Analysis

Listening Examination (all Areas of Study)

Elements of Music Revision Questions 

Musical Terms Quiz

Exam Practice Questions