Dear parent,

All students in year 11 are studying Shakespeare’s Macbeth for examination in GCSE English Literature.

To support our students’ comprehension of the play we have arranged for a professional theatre company to perform the play for the whole year group on Thursday 1st March in school. They will do this in two performances, one for each half of the year group, each followed by a 30min workshop to develop students’ understanding and appreciation of the play.

This experience should be beneficial in helping students prepare for their examination later in the summer.

We request a contribution of £5 from each student to help in covering the cost of these performances. This can be paid in cash or cheque at Student Services in school or online via School Gateway. Please pay by Saturday 10th February. Please complete and return the reply slip below with your payment.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Mr M. Harris

Teacher of English


Return slip to confirm payment of £5 for the performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and workshop, delivered by Box Clever Theatre, on Thursday 1st March.

Student Name (please print):__________________________________________________________

English Class:_______________________________________________________________________

£5 paid in (please circle):    Cash                                Cheque                                School Gateway