10th January, 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Trip to see “Great Expectations” at The Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

on Tuesday 6th March, 2018.

This new production promises to be a powerful and theatrical telling of Dicken’s universally loved masterpiece. It is an exciting opportunity for Year 11 students, who are studying “Great Expectations”, to see Tilted Wig and Malvern Theatre’s dramatic interpretation of the novel.

Students will be travelling by coach.  We will meet at the bus park at the front of school at 6.15pm. The performance begins at 7.30pm.  We should return to school at approximately 10.45pm. As we are leaving after school hours, students are not required to wear uniform, but should be dressed appropriately for a visit to the theatre.

A voluntary contribution of £20.00 is required towards the costs of this visit. Without this contribution from each student this visit may not be able to take place.  Please return the attached Parental Consent form by Friday 2nd February, 2018 to Mrs Griss in Student Services, along with the cash or a cheque for your contribution (payable to Samuel Ward Academy Trust).

This is an educational visit and the school expects students to behave in a responsible manner at all times and accept staff and parent instructions without question.  We ask that you reinforce the requirement for exemplary behaviour before your son/daughter takes part in this visit.

If you would like to discuss finances, please contact Mrs M Griss in Student Services. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at jwakeman@tgschool.net

Yours sincerely

Mrs J Wakeman

Teacher of English

Reply slip:  Please return to Mrs Griss at Student Services by Friday 2nd February, 2018 .

Visit to the Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds to see the play of “Great Expectations”.

I/We give permission for my/our son/daughter to take part in the theatre visit on Tuesday, 6th March, 2018.  I/We enclose a voluntary contribution for £20.00. (Cheques should be made payable to Samuel Ward Academy Trust.)


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