Dear families,

Sorry that our end of the week email was curtailed on Friday. Please find below information about activities this week, following weeks and some recent accomplishments by students.

Year 7 English Assessment, Tuesday 5 March

This year we have spread assessments for students in Key Stage 3 across the spring and summer terms. This is to help give a broader picture of student performance, and provide feedback earlier in the year for students to then respond to.

It is our normal practise for students to complete a small number of short exams in the sports hall each year. This has proven invaluable in helping them gain confidence and familiarity with the process.

On Tuesday this week it is the turn of Year 7s to complete a short, 45 minute, creative writing assessment. This follows on from work they have been completing in lessons and there is no particular preparation that they need. They will attend school, then lesson 1, as usual, and will be accompanied by their teacher to the sports hall. They only need to have with them a pen, and optionally a spare pen and if they wish a highlighter. They may bring a water bottle with them to the sports hall if they wish, but should go to the toilet before lesson 1. Bags are left in their classrooms. Students have a 4 digit candidate number in their planners to remember - there will also be lists available in case they forget.

We have spoken to students this morning to reassure them of our confidence that they will behave in their usual exemplary fashion, and all we ask is that they behave positively and complete the work as well as they can.

The assessment will be marked by their English teachers and fed back as part of our usual teaching. It is only a small piece of the overall assessment picture for students and not something that they need to be concerned about.

Year 9 Options, by 20 March

It was wonderful to welcome so many families to school last Thursday, especially as this was a year group that did not experience a Year 6 open evening in person. Older students took particular pride in talking about their work to help Year 9 students consider their own option choices.

All the information about the options process for GCSE is available on our website at and it now includes a link to a copy of the presentation slides.

The deadline for students to give their options choices to their tutor is 20 March.

Any questions about the process whould be directed to your child's tutor and then to Heads of House.

On Tuesday, at 6pm, the booking system for our Year 9 Subject Teacher Evening is open to allow families of children in Year 9 to book appointments with teachers, Heads of House or our careers advisor. The event itself takes place on Thursday 15 March and can be in person or online from 4:30.

These appointments can be used to discuss your child's progress as well as to ask about option courses for next year. To provide meaningful conversations each appointment is 8 minutes, but this means that teachers can only see at most 18 students over the two and a half hours.

Please remember that teachers and tutors are always happy to receive emails and we will do our best to respond promptly, or arrange to call or meet, to discuss your child's progress, at any time during the year.

Year 9 Out to Work Day, Friday 15 March

Thank you to the 124 parents of Year 9 students who have replied to tell us whether their young person can go to work with their parent or friend of the family or is coming into school for enrichment day on 15 March. If you have not yet replied, could you please take a few minutes to do so as soon as possible using this link

National Careers Week 4-8 March

For national careers week  there are lots of amazing resources and opportunities to explore in this week’s careers newsletter and the BBC Bitesize website here

Y10 & Y11 Revision Seminars

To help your child get started or stay on track for their revision, there are some valuable family online revision sessions available. You can find out more on our website at 

And, a reminder that a wealth of revision support is available from our revision webpage at and that students are welcome to join any after school revision session that they feel will be helpful. If you would like any further specific guidance or support then please contact your child's teacher or tutor.

World Book Day, Thursday 7 March

As well as vouchers, assemblies, reading competitions, activities in lessons and tutor time, there will also be the chance for students to dress up as a recognisable literary character. This is not a non-uniform day. It must be a fictional character, and is an entirely optional activity. If students wish to dress up we ask that they check with their English teacher or tutor in advance to check that their costume is appropriate.

Articulate, Faraday Challenge & Dance Competition

Last week we held our school heat for the National Gallery Articulation Prize 2024. Three Sixth Form students were involved. Students were asked to prepare a 8-10 minute speech on a specific piece of art work of their choice. We were incredibly proud of the confidence that each student demonstrated.

During the Faraday Regional STEM Competition Challenge, Year 8 students also had great fun showcasing a range of skills, including teamwork, creativity, and budgeting. The students were named regional winners after dedication, teamwork, and hard work.

Last Tuesday, 26 students also performed at Dance East in Ipswich as part of the Making Moves project run by Sadlers Wells. The group is an audition dance team, including students from year 7 through to year 11 who have been working on the piece since November. The group were among other schools from the region, some of which will be chosen to move on to the national performance in July which will take place at Sadlers Wells theatre in London.

The next edition of the school Portrait magazine will include photos and more information about these events.

We are incredibly proud of the achievements of all of our students, and their willingness to get involved in so many activities. Please remind them to look at the extra-curricular and sports information at and continue to bring evidence of their reading, other clubs and wider achievements to their tutors and careers hub for recognition.