Dear families,

We are very proud of the achievements of all of our students.

This week we enjoyed Celebration Assemblies, led by our Heads of House and student house committees. Each assembly recognised the achievements of hundreds of students who have reached milestones in their merits, ribbons, attendance, demonstrating our values and succeeding in competitions. Well done to all of those students on your commitment and success.

Public Speaking Success

Having the confidence to speak out and persuade others is one of the key skills that all our young people develop through careers activities and lessons throughout our school.

On Wednesday six Year 9 students took part in the latest round of the ESU-Churchill Public Speaking Competition, hosted at Finborough School. All the students exemplified excellence in the way they prepared and presented, and many were recognised as the strongest performers in their individual roles. One of the teams has also progressed to the next round. Well done.

Back to the 80's

One of the most enjoyable activities of the year is the school musical. This involves dozens of students, and is always a fantastic experience. This year the show is "Back to the 80's", full of motifs and songs that many of you will recognise! The price of tickets is kept as low as possible to cover the costs of the show license, the amazing set, costumes and additional lights. Adult tickets at £13 and student tickets are £8. Tickets can be booked online and the show dates are:

  • Mon 12 February, 7 pm
  • Tues 13 February, 7 pm
  • Weds 14 February, 4 pm
  • Thurs 15 February, 7 pm

Upcoming Events

A reminder that the most important dates of school activities are available on our website at 

Next week we have assemblies planned for:

  • Year 11 on the National Citizen Service which provides valuable activities for young people aged 15 to 17, you can find out more at 
  • Year 10 on careers opportunities and activities, these are also available on our weekly updated Careers newsletter
  • Year 9 on the options process for Year 10 - following this assembly we will also be emailing Year 9 families with full details of the process, which includes the options evening on Thursday 29 February.

Assessments for Students in Key Stage 3

Over the next few weeks we have planned a wide range of assessments for students in Year 9, Year 8 and then in Year 7.

Most of these assessments take place in lessons. Individually are low stakes and collectively give us a rich picture of your child's strengths and the next steps they need to improve further. They receive information about each assessment from their class teachers and via Go4Schools homeworks if specific revision activities are needed.

We also make use of our sports hall for some exams to provide students with an early opportunity to experience what exams later in school will feel like. This early experience is very effective in helping give students confidence.

Next week, on Wednesday,

  • students in Year 8 will complete a 45 minute English written activity in the sports hall during period 1;
  • in the afternoon students in Year 9 will complete a one hour multiple choice science assessment.

Students only need to come prepared with their usual equipment including a black pen, a pencil and rubber. Ideally their water bottle will not have any labels and they will be reminded that their phones and any watches should be placed in their bags.

As well as the information from their teachers, tutors and assemblies next week will provide further reminders to students.

Please continue to encourage good attendance to school, and if students are absent for an exam report it in the usual way. There will be an opportunity to complete any missed assessments on another day.

Sixth Form 

We are continuing to provide individual Sixth Form interviews for the many students who have applied. It is a real privilege to sit and talk to these students and hear how much they have grown through their first fiver years here at Thomas Gainsborough School, and to also meet many excellent applications from other schools. 

It has also been wonderful to hear over the last couple of weeks of the many offers that Year 13 students are receiveing from the full range of employers, apprenticeships and unversities, including again offers made to students to study at Cambridge University.

You can find out more about our Sixth Form at

Thank you families for all your support in helping our young people benefit from so many opportunities.