Dear families,

Last Friday we launched our ‘Decide, Commit, Succeed’ programme to support Year 11 students to  organise and begin their own supported revision programme.

Research shows that when learners space out their recall and practice over a longer period of time, it is more effective than cramming revision ‘at the end’.  If students are doing little and often, they will retain knowledge in their long term memory and will not feel overloaded.

This is a new skill for many students, so our new programme has been designed to support a healthy and worry free revision strategy. They need to think about their subjects and their own personal areas for development, and decide  what it is they need to do. They then need to commit to this, by creating a revision plan that suits their own personal situation. By being consistent with this, they will feel success. 

Students have access to a google classroom entitled ‘graduates of 2024 - Decide, Commit, Succeed.

Within this classroom, they have:

Access to their own guide with useful tips for revision to show them how to get started.

A variety of editable revision timetables. This is so they can choose the style that fits the right time of year and their own personal situation. For example, they can use a template for weekends, term time and holidays.

A revision workout, where each subject has created a selection of revision activities for students to choose from. This has been written by teachers, who know which tasks work for certain skills and exam papers.

Within the timetables, students should: 

  • Decide a timeslot  - keeping it short. I would recommend no longer than 40 minutes per session. 
  • Decide which subject to focus on
  • Plan the task they are going to complete.

This focused revision approach will help them work on specific areas they need to develop to best help them prepare.

Students should be using this in conjunction with homework. It is not designed to overload them, or cause unnecessary stress. 

Mock exams will take place in January, giving students 9 weeks to spread out their revision. Over the next half term, students might aim for example, to do at least one hour of revision over a week and one hour at weekends. For the October half term students will benefit from committing some additional revision time to each subject over the two weeks. As they approach the exams, this will increase and will also be set through homework.

Your child is able to share the resources with you, using the Share button on each document. This helps you to support and help them organise their time and make sure their goals are realistic. Information can also be printed in school or at home. We would advise students to delete slides of subjects they do not study before printing.

If you have specific questions about accessing the resources or supporting your child please email their Head of House.

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Tutors will also have access and will be monitoring students' use of this programme.

We hope that you find this a useful programme, and would welcome your feedback.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jess Wood & Jim Oliver and