Dear families,

Macbeth performance at TGS by Quantum Theatre on 27th March 2024

Year 11 students will be watching a performance of Macbeth by Quantum Theatre on Wednesday, 27th March, taking place here at Thomas Gainsborough School. As Macbeth is one of their Literature GCSE texts, this is a fantastic opportunity to watch a live performance of the play. This will support their understanding of the text, and will help them to see how the text can be brought to life on stage.

Year 11 D band students will be watching the performance during period 1 (9:15 until 10:55) and Year 11 E band students will be watching the performance during period 2 (11:15 until 12:55).

As this event is compulsory, a voluntary contribution of £5 is requested towards the cost of this performance. Your voluntary contributions will ensure that we can continue to provide students with opportunities to watch performances such as this in the future.

For ease of payment we now have an online payment service – ‘School Gateway’, which enables you to make payments via the School Gateway app or website. This should make it easier for parents to pay at any time and reduce the amount of cash being carried by students on the school premises. If you are unable to pay via Gateway for any reason, please contact the school to make alternative arrangements.

The school expects students to behave in a respectful manner at all times and accept staff instructions without question. We ask that you re-enforce the requirement for exemplary behaviour before your son/daughter attends this performance.

If you would like to discuss finances or require any further details please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully,

Miss L Sergeant

Key Stage Four English Coordinator

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