As you move into Year 10 you are able to make choices about your study. Your curriculum will be made up of two key parts:

  1. A Core curriculum which all students follow
  2. A personalised set of Option Courses made up of your different subject choices

Through the Options Process you will be able to create a pathway for Years 10 and 11 that is personal to you, one that meets your needs, strengths, skills and talents. This pathway will also be the starting point for further studies in Years 12 and 13 during Key Stage 5.

You can see, therefore, that these choices are very important. Over this half term you will have opportunities to discuss these choices with your Tutor, Head of House, Subject Teachers and Learning Mentors. You will obviously also need to discuss your choices with your family.

You will be fully supported in the process of choosing your Option Courses during the next half term through a range of opportunities and access to teachers.