Course leader: Mrs J Power, 

Teachers; Miss G Forster, and Mrs J Power,
Examination Board: Pearson BTEC


Students are completing their coursework assignments for the internally assessed Component 1 Human Lifespan Development and Component 2 Health and Social Care Services and Values.

Additional support being provided by school

Coursework support in G15 on Tuesdays with Mrs Power and Wednesdays in 203 with Miss Forster.

How parents and carers can best support their child

Ensure they attend Coursework Support Sessions.


Pearson Qualifications:

Decide Commit Succeed


Revision Activity 

Skill Developed

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Component 3

Health and Wellbeing practice exam paper


Exam Technique

Component 3

Watch - a walk through to aid the 

understanding of the structure of the paper

Exam Technique

Component 3