Department leader: Mrs H Frid, 

Teachers; French - Mrs H Frid,, Miss S Derry,,

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel


Paper 1: Listening (25%) Foundation: 35 mins + 5 mins Higher: 45 mins + 5 mins 

Paper 2: Speaking (25%) Foundation: 7-9 mins + 12 mins prep. Higher: 10-12 mins + 12 mins prep.

Paper 3: Reading (25%) Foundation: 45 mins; Higher: 1 hour

Paper 4: Writing (25%) Foundation: 1h10; Higher: 1h20

Additional support being provided by school

After school support  - Wednesday (Mrs Frid) and Thursday (Miss Derry)

How parents and carers can best support their child

Encourage students to follow a revision timetable at home.

Encourage students to attend revision / intervention sessions regularly.

Revise key vocabulary from subject-specific vocabulary books provided.

Use websites for additional listening and reading practice.

Use revision guides and workbooks.

Contact subject teachers if you are concerned about a student’s progress.


Google Classrooms and Google Drive folders which contain a variety of resources for each language.

Decide Commit Succeed


Revision Activity 

Skill Developed

Exam/Topic Link

Useful learning Link

Complete the draft of your one-minute presentation ready for your speaking exam. This is the only part of the assessment which must be learnt by heart. Following this, continue with answering the general conversation questions in your booklet.



Paper 2 speaking

Use interactive app’s to revise topics. These could include Memrise and Quizlet. Also make use of your Google Classroom page which has lots of useful documents and links (including Padlet) for revision.

Vocabulary recall

Paper 1 (listening)

Paper 2 (speaking)

Paper 3 (reading)

Paper 4 (writing) 

Complete past papers (Pearson Edexcel website) and try your exam techniques and check against mark schemes.

Exam practise

Paper 1 (listening)

Paper 2 (speaking)

Paper 3 (reading)

Paper 4 (writing)

Edexcel link - 

Use your purple revision guides for the recall of vocabulary from earlier topics.


Grammar recall

Surround yourself with as much French as you can. Change your phone language, listen to music, radio and podcasts, watch films and keep up to date with the news both in France and across other Francophone countries.

Cultural Awareness