Course leader: Mrs E Irwin,
Examination Board: AQA


Written Examination, length of Exam 1 hour 45 minutes 


NEA1 Research Investigation (15%) Completed  from Sept 2022 to 2023

NEA2 Food Preparation, research, planning and practical exam. (35%) Complete March 2023. In 2022 this will count as 50% as there is no NEA1

Additional support being provided by school

Additional support sessions are being offered on Tuesday after school. Any students with work outstanding or improvements to be made will be expected to attend these sessions, or students who we identify would benefit from attending. Students wanting additional support. 

The school has invested in an electronic textbook, this provides full support for all the AQA specification, including online tests and videos on techniques. We have also offered at a discount price of £4.00 revision guides and cards to test knowledge and understanding, these are still available, ask subject teachers.

Knowledge organisers will be given to students to help with revision 

How parents and carers can best support their child

Some students benefit by being helped with the organisation of their revision schedule. It could be useful to offer to test knowledge and understanding, e.g. the vocabulary list, nutrients, what the nutrient does, where found (food) and benefit to the body. Parents are encouraged to contact subject teachers directly if it is felt the student would benefit from additional help or support. 


The illuminate site for the electronic text book.

British Nutrition Foundation:

Food a fact  of life is a good site for revision

AQA Food preparation and nutrition for past papers and revision topics

GCSE pod

Decide Commit Succeed


Revision Activity 

Skill Developed

Exam/Topic Link

Useful learning Link

Revise: Content from Year 10 using exercise books and online textbook. Utilise short videos in the online textbook especially for the functional and chemical properties of nutrients in both cooking and nutrition.

Knowledge and recall

Written exam - all topics




Revise: Use knowledge organisers, revision guides and past papers to revise topics you feel least confident on. Complete practise exam questions to text your knowledge. 

Knowledge and recall

Written exam - all topics

Learn: Key terminology and temperatures explaining how it can relate to practical elements of food s well as how to apply them correctly in an exam question

Understanding and application of subject specific vocabulary 

NEA 1 investigation task

All aspects of theory content

Practise: Deconstructing recipes to consider how they could be made more complex, consider adaptations or changes that could be made or what side dishes could be included to improve nutrition and make the dish more colourful.

Planning and preparation skills

NEA 2 practical assessment

Practise: Complex practical skills at home in preparation for your NEA 2 practical assessment to ensure you feel confident in using these skills. Develop presentation skills when cooking meals at home to develop creativity and confidence in showcasing your dishes to a professional standard

Planning, preparation and presentation skills

NEA 2 practical assessment