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Revision Activity 

Skill Developed

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Revise: Re-watch all three films from Y10 on Into Film: The login is dclarke@tgschool.net password: filmstudies123


Paper 2 (Comp. 2)


Revise: Use the viewing sheet to collate information as you re-watch the films Jojo Rabbit, Attack the Block, Girlhood.


Paper 2 (Comp. 2)

Dr. Clarke will give you the paper resource in the lesson.

Read, learn, revise : Use the mise-en-scene revision booklet on google classroom to refine your analysis skills.


Both exam papers

Google classroom (Y11 revision under assignments section) https://classroom.google.com/w/NTk0NDE5NjMyNTQ1/tc/NjI1MjA1NzI3NjQ0 

Research: Hollywood and genre - you need to research the background of Classical Hollywood and different genres of film. Produce mindmaps, quiz questions, amd flashcards for this.  

Research and explore

Paper 1 (Comp. 1)

Links to useful online resources to be shared on google classroom in October.

Watch and research: Watch relevant sections of the ‘Ferrand on Film’ revision video and make a mindmap.

Discussion and critical thinking

Both exam papers


Listen: Listen to film reviews on the Mayo and Kermode podcast. Carefully think about the structure of the film review and what features of the films Mark Kermode focuses on. You can find reviews for specific films on YouTube. 

Research and explore

General skills and reading around the subject