For our first phase of supporting learning at home staff are setting tasks on Go4Schools.

This is available at

We would strongly recommend that all parents and students download the Go4Schools app available at:

This will also enable you to self-track completion of tasks, receive daily or weekly emails or notifcations fo work set.

  • Please note that at times the Go4Schools app may become unresponsive, this usually resolves itself quickly.
  • If you do have problems with the app we usually find that the website still operates.

For support with Go4Schools please email

The second thing we would ask is that students continue to use their planners. This is the perfect place to keep a record of their work completed, and can also be signed by parents weekly. This will give you as parents a sense that work is being completed.

Teachers will also monitor completion of tasks in a variety of ways, including online tools and the submission of key pieces of work.

  • We have asked staff to set work on a daily basis for the lessons that they would have taught that day. Students should log on to Go 4 Schools each day to see the work that they need to complete for their lessons that day. These tasks will be given a duration up until the next timetabled lesson in that subject unless otherwise stated.
  • We appreciate that on some days it may not be possible to complete the task set, due to illness or other circumstances. We will monitor this and contact you if we have concerns. In addition, if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via
  • If you have any subject specific questions please contact the subject leaders. They can be found here, or in the contact list in resources.
  • During this period merits will continue to be awarded by staff for outstanding work.

Further information will follow this morning on other suitable tasks to support learning which include, for example:

Useful for all students & parents
Shows individual homework tasks, targets from Academic tutoring and for some subjects feedback to assessments. Email if you need help to login.
Useful for all students
Allows access to Email, online documents and Google Classroom. Can be used on all mobile devices. Email if you need help accessing your Google Apps.
Most useful for Years 10 & 11
A collection of short, memorable audio and graphical clips which are a great aid to revision when used regularly fr revision. After viewing a clip then make notes and test yourself. Younger students can also login by clicking “New Here, Get Started” on login page. Email if you require help.
Useful for students of all ages, especially years 7-9
Great competitive fun while you practise your recall of times tables. Vital for developing fluency. Email if you require help to access it.
Useful for all students studying Maths
Contains excellent short videos on all Maths topics, which can then be practised and marked online. If you need help access Mathswatch please email

Useful for all students studying Science
A comprehensive range of online teaching and assessment tools used to support students' work in science.
Useful for all students
A comprehensive range of online teaching and assessment tools used to support students' work at KS2, GCSE & A Level courses across al subjects.

Useful for students attending Intervention in Y7 or Y8
Nessy programs are designed to help students of all abilities learn to read, write, spell and type, especially those who learn differently.

If students require any help in accessing any of these resources could they please, in the first instance email their subject teacher, then if needed

If students cannot access their Google account, which will be a key resource, then please also email

For any questions about completion of work please also email teachers first, and if you do not receive a satisfactory response within two days then please email the subject leader. Staff emails follow the format initial surname, eg Mr A Smith would be


We have also shared a folder of resources to students, using Google Drive. It looks like this, but to access it the student must be the person logged into Google. If they are on a shared device they may need to log in with their school details.

Google Shared Drive