Course leader: Mr M Harris,
Examination Board: AQA


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Students have completed mock exams in both Language papers and should be familiar with the question types for each. Besides the more conventional revision resources identified below, students can practise the question types for paper 1 using the first page or two of any novel.

The following textbook should help students familiarise themselves with the challenges of the papers:


  • Mr Bruff (Youtube) - good for - Literature knowledge.

  • Mrs Whelan's English (Youtube) - good for Language and Literature response. (She explains how to approach the question and then models high quality responses).

  • staceyreay (Instagram) - good for high grade revision tips and knowledge. 

  • Educake - good for knowledge recall.

  • CGP revision guides for An Inspector Calls and A Christmas Carol - good for knowledge and essay responses as they have exemplars and practise questions.

  • Snap Macbeth - good for knowledge.

  • FlipsCo flashcards - good for knowledge.

  • see the school website for more handy resources

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Revision Activity 

Skill Developed

Exam/Topic Link

Useful learning Link

Practice responses to past paper questions. Many of these can be found using the links below and on the AQA website as well in revision guides, but your teacher can also provide you with past papers via email. Time yourself!

Exam technique

Both papers

Practice the exam questions with different texts. Each question will always have a similar focus (i.e. Q2 in paper 1 is always about how language is used to present something) so this is a great way to develop your ability when you have used the past papers

Exam technique

Both papers


Read and summarise the structure of opening chapters of novels. Try to break down what each section of the text does for the reader. 


Paper 1, Q3


Search news websites for opinion articles on the same or similar topics and make notes where you compare them. What are their ideas/attitudes/perspectives about the topic? In what ways are they similar or different?


Paper 2, Qs 2 and 4


Useful online and physical resources: Mr Bruff (Youtube); Mrs Whelan’s English (Youtube); staceyreay (Instagram); Educake; CGP revision guides; Snap Macbeth, FlipsCo Flashcards.

Knowledge checking, learning

Both papers