Course leader: Miss K Benn,
Examination Board: Pearson BTEC


Component 3: Responding to a brief


Component 1: Exploring the Performing Arts

Component 2: Developing Skills for Live Performance

Additional support being provided by school

Additional studio time available to students to rehearse practical work for all components

Coursework catch up sessions after school for;

  • Component 1 Portfolio

  • Component 2 Log Book

  • Component 3 Written task prep

How parents and carers can best support their child

Students could be encouraged to attend additional rehearsal sessions with their group.

Ensure students have completed coursework tasks and help proofread these. 

Encouraging students to undertake any extra fitness work


Course revision guide:

Component 1 works:

Component 2 work:

Decide Commit Succeed


Revision Activity 

Skill Developed

Exam/Topic Link

Useful learning Link

Rehearsal: Rehearse C3 pieces, students are welcome to use the dance studio after school.

Rehearsing skills and performance 



Research: Use of research skills discussed in class to research professional dance pieces to enhance creative ideas for C3




Write up practice: Practice of writing one of the 3 write ups for C3; ideas log, skills log and evaluation log. This can be done in line with class rehearsals. Practice pieces can then be handed to Miss Benn for marking and feedback.

Analytical and evaluative