Course leader: Mr J Partrick,
Examination Board: AQA


Computational Thinking and Problem Solving 50% – 2 Hours
Written Assessment 50% – 1 Hour 45 minutes.

Additional support being provided by school

Lunchtimes Thursdays and Fridays in Room 214
After schools Thursdays Room 214

How parents and carers can best support their child

Encourage and review the use of the additional support sessions.
Encourage use of Revision Book (ISBN: 9781782949312) and/or (9781789082715)

Encourage revision of the topic area list as below

Algorithms,  Programming,  Design, Testing, Translators, Data Representation, Components of a Computer System, Networks, The Bigger Picture and Issues

Encourage regular use of:

  • GCSEPod website – very useful collection of topic specific videos.

  • Seneca website  - a very useful interactive site.

Encourage the creation and use of:

  • Mind maps, flash cards, and presentations of key topic areas

  • Voice recordings of model answers- for replay.

  • A glossary of key terms – matching description/keyword activities


  • The checking of spelling and grammar of ‘big marker’ questions

  • The use of a personal timetable for specific topic area activities

  • The learning and use of specialist terminology and units of measurement.

  • Completing timed exam question responses (minute a mark)


Using the videos from Youtuber (“Computer Science Tutor”) as he has created an up-to-date set of videos that cover all topics of study (for both papers)

His Channel:  (Computer Science – a very good and regularly updated source for revision and testing) (a useful site for recapping python)

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