Throughout their course students have continued to work positively and deserve a fair and reasonable recognition of their achievements. We have prepared a short video, in place of an assembly, to explain the process for awarding grades this summer. The presentation slides and a document we prepared for our school governors are available from this webpage.

The key messages are:

  • exams will not take place;
  • instead a wide range of evidence will be used to make a fair and reasonable judgement on grades for each student;
  • only the content that has been taught will be assessed;
  • evidence will be from throughout the course and more recent assessments made in class;
  • assessments in class will be carefully managed, supported and communicated to students;
  • usual exam concessions will be available;
  • the process willbe similar for all qualifications, GCSEs and vocational qualifications.

The key dates are:

  • most assessments will take place in class over 3 weeks from 4 May (some subjects will have additional assessments earlier to help spread the work, see the presentation for more details);
  • students will continue attending school until the May half term, with possibly some exceptions if further evidence is required because of missed assessments;
  • grades are submitted to the exam boards by 18 June;
  • grades are released to students on Thursday 12 August.

There is further detail in the presentation, and all we ask of students is:

  1. continue to follow your teacher's instructions on what to do, a full revision process covering all subject content is not required;
  2. stay positive and remember that the skills you continue to develop will be valuable for the next steps in your journey in education and towards employment;
  3. keep talking to us, if you have any questions ask your tutor, teachers, leaders and support staff.

We are confident that the processes we have planned will be fair to all students  and provide the recognition and support that they all deserve.


If you believe there is an error that impacted your grade, please contact us. We can then give you more information about how your grade was decided.

If you are still convinced that an error has been made that impacted your grade after talking to us, you can first request a centre review and after that you may appeal to the exam board (an awarding organisation appeal).

More information about the appeals process is available from the linked resources on this page.

If you have any questions about the awarding of grades please email either Mr Ryall, or Mrs Yapp,