Now that students have chosen their subjects to be examined at the end of Year 11 (maths, English language, English literature, double or triple science and four option courses) their targets and assessments are firmly focussed on excellent performance for the end of Year 11.

We also remain committed to giving you access to rich, regular and personalised infromation to help you support your child's learning during this crucial period. We do this through a wide range of activities, tools and people, each of which are detailed on our Assessment & Reporting Overview page. 

Targets for the End of Year 11

We are always happy to discuss whether students targets have remained appropriate and how best to support students in reaching them. Please don't hesitate to contact your child's tutor, teachers or Head of House. You can find all staff contact details here on the website at

Year 10 and Year 11 Mock Examinations

In addition to our usual support we also provide key mock examinations to develop student confidence and inform next steps in our teaching and their preparation for final exams.

These exams are closely modelled on the final exam papers which students will face at the end of Year 11. They are completed in the exam hall, at exam desks, with invigilators. For these to be of most benefit students should approach them as they would do their final exams by revising as instructed by their teachers and following healthy routines. Being well prepared with exam equipment and arriving promptly also helps students gain confidence.

In the lead up to each of these exam periods we provide parent information evenings where we provide advice on revision and support, and answer any questions parents may have. Exam timetables are provided a few weeks before each period to help students and parents plan their revision.

Year 10 Mock Exams

Week commencing 24 June 2024

Week commencing 1 July 2024

Year 11 Mock Exams

Week commencing 8 January 2024

Week commencing 15 January 2024

Internally Assessed Work and Vocational Exams 

Students who have chosen to study vocational qualifications such as health & social care, media, engineering, BTEC sport or IT will also have important assignments to complete throughtout their course, as well as written or online exams. Deadlines and exam dates for theses assessments will be shared with students by subject teachers.