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We encourage students who have a natural ability or interest in Art to explore the subject outside the classroom and school environment. Art competitions are often run locally which have included many of our students. We also run extra curricular Art Clubs where students can work in a pleasant supported atmosphere to improve their skills further.

GCSE Art, Craft & Design


Examination Board:      AQA

Assessment:                    60% Coursework, 40% Examination


Over the two years students produce coursework on two given topics or themes, one of which will also be the Year 11 mock examination. These are timed controlled assessments so each lesson and homework counts. The assessment takes place under normal classroom conditions apart from the mock examinations in Year 10 and 11 and, of course, the final examination. After initial research and observational studies you are required to develop a series of ideas before selecting one to be produced as your final project piece. One of these units will be assessed as your coursework portfolio and is worth 60% of your final grade. During the course you should expect to develop your art and design skills further through drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, sculpture, ceramic work, photography, digital imagery and researching the work of other artists. You must show an understanding of historical and contemporary art work and be able to express yourself verbally and visually, as well as through written documentation in your sketchbook. Sketchbooks are compulsory for this GCSE and must be brought to every lesson as they form an essential part of every project set.


Differences from Year 9

The GCSE will require a more individual and self-motivated approach. You will often be asked to collect research through drawing, making studies and taking photographs for homework.

Skills developed

A wealth of creativity, experimentation, self-evaluation and review will be seen as you develop your artistic pieces and portfolio. Your skills in a wide range of artistic techniques will also grow through the course.

A Level Art, Craft & Design


Examination Board:   AQA

Specification:               7241/C, 7241/X


What Will I Study?

A Level Art and Design explores many of the techniques, processes and concepts behind traditional and contemporary Art. It gives students a range of skills, the ability to think in depth about the concepts and ideas underpinning great Art and a critical approach towards the presentation and quality of their own.

During year 12 students develop their ability to use materials, techniques and processes through intense experimentation, guided by in depth research into historical and contemporary starting points.

In the second half of year 12 and the first term of year 13, students complete a ‘Personal Investigation’ component in which they apply the skills they have developed through an independently designed project which combines practical and written elements. In year 13 the students complete an externally set (exam) project which comprises 40% of the overall assessment.

Entry Requirements

Students require a Grade B or above in GCSE Art and Design.


Formative assessment takes place throughout the course with feedback, group critiques and learning conversations used to drive progress. The exam takes place at the end of the second year and is externally moderated by AQA.

Where Next?

A Level Art and Design can be used as a bridge to FE courses such as ND, HND or Foundation Art and Design or HE courses such as degrees in various disciplines of Art, such as fine art, illustration and so forth. It is also an excellent grounding in practical skills which can lead to work based learning and internships.

Below you can see some of the stunning art work students at TGS have produced.

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