Transition 2017

The theme for Transition 2017 is “Moving on”

  • Growing up from year 6 to year 7
  • New journey to school
  • New School
  • New school uniform
  • New friends
  • Learning new subjects, New timetable
  • Having new experiences
  • How will you change develop and move on?

At TGS we take our competitions very seriously. Every month there are several house competitions running. This gives the students a wide range of choice, inspiring them to get involved with school life. We reward students entries with merits, letters home and trips to exciting locations of their choice.

During each term the houses battle it out to win the competition cup. There is always great excitement during our celebration assemblies to see which house has earned the most merits. When the cup comes in the the assembly hall, covered over there is great tension in the room. Everybody is wondering who’s house ribbons will the cup be wearing.

As part of Year 6 Transition week we would like the new students to enjoy this event. This year’s competition is “Moving On” let the battle commence.   

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