TGS Book Mastermind

The Book Mastermind final took place period 3 on Thursday 26th January and was decided by a tiebreak for the second year running! The contestants were amazing; an extremely close competition was fought by all.

The winner of Book Mastermind and the TGS Book Mastermind Champion of 2017 is Katherine Chapman of 9THu

2nd place – Evie Manning – 27 points

3rd place – Daisy Hanmer – 25 points

4th place – Ethan Hall – 22 points

5th place – Elicia Glass – 21.5 points

6th place – Poppy Curran – 21 points

7th place – Callum Ryan – 20.5 points

8th place – Isabelle Hand – 20 points

9th place – Amelia Beech – 18.5 points

10th place – Kayleigh Bishop – 12 points

Well done to all who took part! Many thanks for all your support in this competition.

Heather Welch

Library Manager

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